Alterations to the Schedule of Classes to Jan. 31, 2013

In order to get back on track with the original schedule of classes/readings, please note that the following is the new schedule for the next classes that will ensure we are caught up by Thursday, January 31:

5. Thursday, January 24

  • Film: Part 2 of Rabbit-proof Fence (Australia, 2003)
  • Review and discussion of required readings.

Required Readings:

  1. [MAAKA] Ch. 2, Trade, Slavery, Colonialism (Grant McCall), pp. 30-44.
  2. [MAAKA] Ch. 3, The Ecology of Ainu Autonomy and Dependence (Brett L. Walker), pp. 45-71.
  3. [MAAKA] Ch. 4, Hawai’I Under Non-Hawaiian Rule (Michael Kioni Dudley & Keoni Kealoha Agard), pp. 72-90

Reminder: Essay #1 is due today at the start of class, in class. Worth 10% of the final grade.

6. Tuesday, January 29

  • Lecture: “Genocide and Ethnocide: Attempting Extinction in Practice”
  • Review and discussion of required readings:

Required Readings:

  1. [MAAKA] Ch. 6, Extract from A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present (Russell Means), p. 115.
  2. [MAAKA] Ch. 7, Settling In: Epidemics and Conquest to the End of the First Century (Noble David Cook), pp. 116-124.
  3. [MAAKA] Ch. 8, Confronting Australian Genocide (Colin Tatz), pp. 125-140.
  4. [MAAKA] Ch. 10, The Guaraní: The Economics of Ethnocide (Richard H. Robbins), pp. 150-157.

7. Thursday, January 31

  • In place of a lecture, we will review the central ideas and information presented in the required readings:

Required Readings:

  1. [SISSONS] Ch. 4, Indigenous Children, pp. 85-111.
  2. [MAAKA] Ch. 9, “Killing the Indian in the Child”: Four Centuries of Church-Run Schools (Suzanne Fournier and Ernie Crey), pp. 141-149.

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